About Us

Welcome to God With Us Church

Mission Statement

“God With Us Church” exists as a local church to share God’s love as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. We are committed to serving our community in His love and power, confident that He is with us.

Our Purpose Is… 

To Treasure His Presence:  God calls us to seek Him first in life.
To Treasure His People:  We are called to love others as Christ loves us.
To Treasure His Word We acknowledge the Holy Bible as absolute authority in our lives.
To Treasure His World:  We proclaim that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life to every person and every nation.

What We Value-
Gods Presence and Word – We value the worship of God as our response to His great love for us. We experience worship through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ expressing it through music, prayer, service, and the hearing of His Word.
People Who Pray – We pursue the ministry of impassioned prayer, believing that prayer is the Church’s breath, and that all things are possible to those who believe the promises of God’s Word and who seek Him diligently.
Family – We value family at whatever stage you may be in you life, believing that God has called us to provide your family with the needed life skills that will result in successful family living. We value children of all ages in every way because we want to join God in raising up the next generation that will have the power to change the world.
All People – We value all people from all ethnic groups believing that God intended that we worship together and not segregated.
Your Personal Growth – We value who you are in life as seen through the eyes of God, desiring to assist you personally to be all God wants you to be.